About us

Facil is one of the first companies to realize a Full-Service Concept for fastening technologies.

Our Full Service Provider (FSP) concept embraces all aspects of fastening in the industries that we serve. OEM customers use our services from the early concept and design phase throughout the product’s entire lifecycle. With this concept, Facil provides complete fastening technology for millions of products every year − minimizing complexity and costs across the entire fastener and C-parts value chain.


Meet the Fasteneers

Engineers in fasteners, and pioneers in connectivity − our Fasteneers create innovative fastening solutions that help you build your competitive advantage into the future.

When a passionate and highly skilled team of Fasteneers looks at the bigger picture, bolts, nuts, pins, rivets, locks, latches, fittings (and so on) become much more than just C-parts.

Meet the Fasteneers in the video below (English):

Meet the Fasteneers in the video below (Chinese):

Custom solutions that simplify your operations and save costs

As a strategic alliance between 2 global fastening experts − KAMAX, specialist in the development and production of special cold-formed parts and bolts, and A. RAYMOND, specialist in the development and production of engineered metal and plastic fasteners − Facil can rely on their expertise and active support for product engineering and fastening innovations.

At the same time, we are completely independent when it comes to sourcing − so we can always find the best total value solution.

With our global headquarters in Genk, Belgium (Europe), Facil employs a dedicated team of 400 Fasteneers, working in 17 sites all over the world. Facil’s turnover in 2015 was close to €400 million.

Our Fasteneers also connect:

  • Plants and Products and Suppliers − by reducing complexity and raising cost-effectiveness over the entire project (beyond the nuts & bolts)
  • Continents − with our 17 sites worldwide, we’re right where you are
  • Today and the Future − by also connecting brands and sectors, we help you build your competitive advantage, today and over the long-term

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