Customer Cases

Our primary customers are active in the following industries:

Automotive, Truck, Rail, Agriculture, Construction


Here are some of our customer cases:

Cost reduction − for a large Agri and Construction industry customer:

We conducted a standardization and complexity reduction project, cross-plant and cross-product. In addition to technical cost reductions identified during a Facil line walk, we changed design, process and tooling and identified a 27% BOM complexity reduction and assembly time reduction potential.

Not including these assembly time savings, we generated recurring savings of more than €1 million per year.

Product development of existing application − for a premium car manufacturer in Germany:

We completely re-designed a component by combining advanced laser-welding technology and fine precision stamping to replace a tooling-intensive deep-drawing process. The new component is stiffer, lighter, and is produced at a lower cost. As the part is used on millions of vehicles, the car manufacturer enjoys considerable cost-savings.

An excellent example of how Facil’s Fasteneers take a well-established design and make it even better.


Product development of new application − for a new Electrical Vehicle OEM:

We developed an innovative, state-of-the-art fastening solution that enables the vehicle’s 600 kg battery pack to be replaced quickly and securely.

Fasteneering for new projects − for a Chinese OEM:

We designed the fastener package entirely from scratch (there were no drawings or engineering specifications). Facil was asked to take complete responsibility for creating all fastener-related information, building up a supply base, homologation, testing, etc. Facil continues to supply all fasteners and C-parts directly to the assembly line today.


Fasteneering for existing projects − for one of our largest truck customers:

Striving for product optimization and total cost reduction, we re-designed a high volume part and optimized it for assembly by adding a self-holding feature to the fastener. Result: a substantial reduction in total assembly time.

A perfect example of combining the engineering and R&D power of the Facil / A. Raymond / Kamax group to maximize added value for the customer.

Fasteneering for existing projects − for a premium car manufacturer in Germany:

During the early design phase, we re-designed the chassis fasteners, improved performance, reduced weight – and lowered total cost dramatically by more than 30% compared to the previous model.


Supplier phase-out:

Due to insolvency, a supplier had to be phased out very quickly − without any impact on supply, quality or obsolescence.

Our supplier re-sourcing is done smoothly and transparently for the customer:

  • Based on total cost
  • Supported by risk analysis
  • After a market investigation
  • Planning is shared with the customer
  • Safety stock is increased to ensure smooth transition
  • Startup PPAP batch big enough to cover serial lead time
  • Dedicated project team, with all departments involved

For this supplier, we had to resource 150 Part Numbers with a total spend of €11 million. 3 different OEMs were affected, with a total of 35 plants worldwide. Result: resourced in 3 months − without any impact on cost, quality or supply.

Product phase out − Hexavalent Chromium for our truck and automotive customers:

In the past, we have managed several complex projects for phasing out Chromium VI during running production. We have successfully managed the phase-out of the old fasteners and phase-in of the new fasteners, while updating quality documentation systems and avoiding obsolete stock.