Facil is the completely independent bridge that connects automotive manufacturers with parts fastener suppliers. Focusing solely on automotive fasteners produced by a network of over 500 suppliers allows us to offer automotive manufacturers the perfect fastening application for any situation. Our innovative approaches, including blank sourcing and alternative options for non-safety-critical parts, combined with our global purchasing power and simplification of your bill of material, are perfect for driving your costs and lead times down. Our e-commerce platform offers a range of benefits whether you’re buying or selling fasteners.

Vehicle manufacturers
Are you looking for an Automotive fastener that is available and at benchmark price level? You could contact hundreds of parts suppliers looking for it … Or simply find it on our shelves. You know exactly what you need? Go to our e-commerce platform and order it today. Everything you need will be conveniently shipped to you as a single combined package. The easiest way to find and order your quality assured parts. 

You are not sure what fastener might do the job …? Or you’re looking for a part that you’re not sure exists? Our Engineering team will help you solve the mystery. If the part you’re after doesn’t exist, they will happily advise you on which options are best suited to your specific needs.

Part suppliers
Would you like to have someone promoting and taking care of your low volume parts while you’re focused on your core business activities? Or a distributor that works to ensure you receive a premium price that even incorporates fluctuations in everything from inflation to raw material costs? Because this is what Facil does with our e-commerce platform as well. In complete transparency. And via a supply chain that ensures manufacturers have your parts delivered quickly and efficiently. Get in touch if the quality fasteners you manufacture belong on our shelves and our e-commerce platform.

Quick, digital, simple and efficient, Facil believes in sourcing transparency. You always know who you’re buying from or selling to. Just one more way that Facil is fastening future mobility.