Facil Engineering is determined to ensure your production line never shuts down. And with our seven primary services you only ever start the line when you’re absolutely certain your plans and schematics are filled with the perfect parts. Our extensive niche expertise in automotive fasteners happily support you from the development phase over the launch/implementation phase up to the serial production phase of your vehicles.

All of these services are entirely modular and designed to be tailored to your unique, specific needs at any time. Ask us to help you with whichever service or services you need. Whether it’s for a long-term design project, support of your daily operations, or because you’ve encountered a new and unique problem, we are always ready to help you move forward.

Program management

Guidance and assistance in coordinating the whole lifecycle of your product at every step, from its development and sourcing through to delivery and flawless implementation in vehicles. Our resident engineers will even work alongside you, on-site, ensuring you have insights and information the moment you need them, and an experienced partner to investigate every possibility.

Fastener product expertise

Looking for new fastening technology? Or a best-in-class fastener concept that’s completely independent from a manufacturer? Are you facing fastener application issues? Our expertise and experience is invaluable. Whether you’re in your prototype build, development or sourcing phase, facing questions of fastener strategy or would like the opinion of a fastener specialist, we make sure your every demand is met, and your expectations exceeded. Facil’s fastener engineering experts even offer you fastener training via the Facil Fastener Academy!

CAD drawings/models

Wondering how your parts will fit into your vehicle? Our 2D drawings and 3D models are easily validated and integrated into designs that are constantly changing and being updated. Perfect—if not vital—during your prototyping and design processes. We make sure you’re able to literally see exactly what you’re doing.


Fastener testing/joint validation

Whether you’re in your project definition phase or up to implementation, our global network of labs (including the ISO/IEC17025 accredited US Facil lab) is equipped to check everything from friction coefficients to the complexities of cycle-corrosion testing. At the product level. At joint or system level. And thanks to our extensive network of industry partnerships, we even offer you this testing at the vehicle level. Just let us know what you need.

Discover our Facil Accredited Testing Capabilities Cyclic Corrosion Testing & our Facil Accredited Testing Capabilities and Other Services.

Bolted joint design/calculation

The VDI 2230 guidelines cover everything from forces and strength levels to working loads and deformations for specific applications. How do you balance the relationship between these factors? Or ensure you keep to limits as you engineer a new part? With Facil. And the automotive fastener experts that we are happy to offer you.


Bill-Of-Material (BOM) optimization

Would you like a simpler, smarter, leaner, less complex bill of materials? By searching through big data and specific defining characteristics of parts, we identify similar parts that are repeated under different part numbers. And we standardise other parts. All to make your inventory more manageable. Save yourself time. Save yourself money. Save yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.

Value analysis/Value engineering (VAVE)

Interested in reducing costs or weight without compromising quality or performance? Alternatively, you might want to improve quality and performance without raising costs and weight? How do you do it? Ask Facil. We perform teardowns, virtual line walks, cost analyses and testing as stand-alone services, as tasks for our resident engineers, or tailored to your needs in any other way. The focus is on making sure your part functions how it needs to without any costs, weight or even associated carbon emissions that aren’t necessary. With our enormous network and extensive experience, we offer unmatched expertise and insights in the world of automotive fasteners.