The most important task in the purchasing department? Find the right source for all our customer’s parts. Whatever part you need, we guarantee competitive high-quality deliveries. And as we are independent, able to work with any supplier, we have amassed an enormously varied inventory of different parts that is fed by a global network of more than 550 sustainable suppliers. We offer, find or design, anything our clients need.

Our supply chain is designed to have the part you need on the shelves in advance. And if it’s a high-volume part or a critical part? Our dual-sourcing approach, where we work with multiple approved suppliers for a single part, minimizes supply-chain risks while maximizing peace of mind.

Our fully accredited lab runs extensive testing and incoming inspections of parts to further ensure you receive exactly what you expect ... Or better. It also gives us insight into the strengths of different suppliers. This means that when a client needs a specific part, whether it’s an existing part or needs to be newly engineered, we already know which preferred suppliers to turn to. By factoring in design, production and transport costs, as well as considerations relating to CO2 emissions and sustainability, we are able to present clients with different sourcing strategy options.

Creating full transparency is crucial for all our customers and means you always know who you/we are buying from. Our A-B-C supplier classification allows us to offer alternative price/quality options for non-safety-critical parts. Then there is our blank sourcing options. This is where we source uncoated parts and apply the coating locally based on specific client needs. This solution enables Facil to deliver qualified automotive parts within short lead-times, low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing.

Our factual based way of working in full transparency allows everyone, customers and suppliers, to benefit from long-term agreements for compensation of raw materials, transportation, energy and inflation. One more way to build strong partnerships.