Working with an enormous network of 550 suppliers gives Facil the opportunity to match the critical characteristics of any specific part to the benchmark strengths of specific suppliers. We see this as being a very important step in delivering peace of mind. But it’s not the only step we take.

Facil runs every part through its paces. Whether we are working with a manufacturer and supplier to engineer a new part, or delivering a fastener we have had in our catalogue for a decade, every part needs to live up to various certifications and standards.

Of course, walking prototype parts down this path is not the same as checking each part in a full shipment. And that’s why we go to great efforts to check our shipments. Our fully accredited lab tests individual parts and rejects any that fail to live up to demands, ensuring automotive manufacturers receive greater reliability. As a supplier, any errors are caught before it’s too late. As a manufacturer, you receive the best of the best. And that’s exactly what you want.

We understand that the same part might be used in different circumstances. The fastener that holds a battery in place might have quite different demands of quality compared to a fastener for keeping a cup holder in position. Our purchasing department therefore uses our insights into quality to recognise A-B-C supplier classifications.

Before we engage a supplier, we conduct audits, gap analyses, and follow-up audits − using the automotive standards − to verify that the supplier is qualified to join Facil’s supplier base.

Following these, we are able to offer alternative price/quality options for non-safety-critical parts. It’s cheaper for automotive manufacturers. It’s also cheaper for suppliers. And since performance still meets every demand, it’s a winning approach for everyone involved.