Supply chain

All of our supply chain solutions adhere to the same principle: never stop the production line!

Our proven planning and stock monitoring methodology – including model-specific forecasting, seasonality curves, production variability management, safety stock strategy, and demand algorithm optimization – guarantees best in class product availability.

Just in Time
We deliver the right quantity to the right place at the right time.

We can supply our customers through:

  • A range of Kanban and E-Kanban systems (Kanban cards, push button replenishment, scanning of empty bin, scanning of point of fit according to min-max principle, 2 bin principle, …)
  • Delivery according to schedule and/or daily call in
  • Customized durable packaging solutions

Besides our proven concepts, our advanced services development and logistics teams continuously search for advanced delivery solutions. And we can deliver to your gate, internal marketplace, or directly to the point-of-fit

‘Zero’ stock at our customer
Our processes and agreements lead to TOTAL cost reduction through:

  • Reduced inventory or zero stock at our customer (customer pays only when a vehicle is produced)
  • Space optimization
  • Reduced handling and internal transport
  • Reduced packaging costs
  • Reduced transportation cost

Lean and efficient processes
A strong team of professionals continuously analyzes and improves Facil’s supply chain processes involving both our internal and external customers. A wide range of proven and unique processes can be offered – and, in addition to the existing processes, there is a non-stop search for enhancements in order to remain the No. 1 in the industry.

Some examples
We manage unique forecast strategies for a large US Truck OEM, comprising 11 plants, 7.500 parts, 16.000 use points, and 325 suppliers. 
For a large Car manufacturer, we replenish 3.000 use points every 2 hours by a unique scanning system.