Facil’s values

Meet the HIPER family.



Happily together we strive for the common goal that is worth working for: we have fun, we challenge and develop ourselves − and, as a result, we build together an economically healthy and growing company. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work!

ONE FACIL – ONE TEAM – ONE DREAM is the philosophy we lead and work by.

As One Global Family, we act as if there are no functional nor regional boundaries. Our Fasteneers take pride in collaboration, where reaching out for help is valued just as highly as providing help.

Fasteneers communicate openly and honestly and give priority to verbal communication. We involve and engage people by communicating transparently, which is vital for good teamwork and for a successful organization.

We are positive and optimistic.

We are attentive to our well-being. Being physically and mentally healthy − with a good balance of giving and taking − is crucial to being happy together.


Staying top of mind requires innovative solutions and services. If we stand still, we disappoint our customers and we will no longer be needed.

To stimulate innovation and to encourage creative contribution, we foster a broad tolerance of failure and we learn from our mistakes. We organize innovation time-out, in which routine work is put aside and the focus is directed towards doing something new and innovative − even if it involves some level of risk.

We respect all opinions, ideas and input. We make sure our team is emotionally safe.

We think out-of-the-box, challenge each other to leave the comfort zone, look across departmental or functional borders, and work as one team internally and with our partners to create the WOW effect for our customers.


Adding value by providing excellent solutions and services is our core. We are problem-solvers who go beyond the obvious. We take pride in providing our customers with goods and services that exceed their needs and expectations. Fasteneers listen actively, solve issues and strive harder than anyone else to excel and deliver an excellent service.

Our customers come first in every decision and in every activity. On every occasion where we have the possibility, we lead projects and improvements for our customers.

We are pro-active and solicit feedback. ‘No news is good news’ does not apply when serving a customer, externally or internally.


We look to maximize our long-term growth, where we never cross conceptual or ethical boundaries just to make a short-term profit which could hurt our customer relationship and jeopardize our sustainable future. We don’t chase the profit, we let it follow our effort.

In our value creation, we always act as entrepreneurs. We don’t accept being steered by circumstances. We are proactive, we take initiative, we take ownership, and we have the drive and the discipline to turn our ideas into reality.

We think in terms of opportunities and eliminate limitations. We constantly challenge ourselves and question the existing. Today should be better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today.

We keep it simple and remove unproductive bureaucratic steps.

Within the framework of our values, every Fasteneer has the autonomy to take initiative … and is expected to do so.


We act in compliance with laws and regulations, hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and behave in ways that earn trust. Unethical exploitation is not allowed at Facil, nor at our business partners.

We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are open and fair, we do not play politics, and we never deceive each other.

Our difference is our strength. Our diversity leads to better solutions, creates opportunities for continuous improvement, and is a catalyst for creativity.

We open up to differences and embrace them; we explore the hidden potential instead of judging based on our individual framework of beliefs, religion, culture, politics, etc.

Respect yourself and others and make it right from the first time.

We treasure the planet we live on. Our Fasteneers are strongly committed to taking sustainable actions to minimize environmental impact in our entire supply chain.

We take pride in what we do: a smile in the morning, a clean desk, arriving on time, the right communication and presentation style, and other simple things are the living proof of our values.