Hall of fame

We take great pride in being rewarded for our product and service excellence and innovation. Our most recent awards include:

Facil has obtained the VOKA Charter Sustainable Business 2020

As Facil we are strongly convinced that Sustainable Business is not an option but an obligation to make sure that the next generations will grow up and live in a healthy, peaceful, affordable and respectful society. Therefore we have initiated a project together with the Chamber of Commerce to further develop our business, organisation and processes to be fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.  During this project, which runs over 3 years, we are gradually defining and implementing effective actions to improve the conditions of humanity and the planet. Meanwhile each year our commitment and actions will be validated through an external committee of experts.  The intention is to achieve the UN recognized and approved Sustainability Charter by the summer of 2022.

After 1 year of teamwork we are proud to inform you that we have passed the first evaluation.


Facil North America receives DTNA Masters of Quality Award 2018

Facil NA has been awarded for DTNA’s 2018 Masters of Quality Awards in the second consecutive year.

This year even making it the “full sweep” including Toluca and Saltillo besides Charlotte and Portland! All of Facil NA’s branches therefore are now officially part of Daimler’s Masters of Quality suppliers. 

Facil North America receives DTNA Masters of Quality Award 2017

Congratulations to the teams on receiving the DTNA Masters of Quality Award ! It is a recognition by our main North American customer of the hard work and the solutions by the Facil team. From left to right: Jeff Allen (Senior VP of Operations and Specialty Vehicles, DTNA), Marcus Pratt (President Facil North America), Terry Fox (Branch Mgr Charlotte, Facil), Chris Tyson (Branch Mgr Portland, Facil), Doug Jackson (Engineering Mgr North America, Facil) and Stefan Kurschner (Senior VP for Aftermarket, DTNA). 

Chris Tyson (Branch Mgr Portland, Facil) & Terry Fox (Branch Mgr Charlotte, Facil)

FEIEA Communication Awards 2017

We are happy to announce that FACIL has won the second prize in the FEIEA Grand Prix in Class 4: Best multi-language publication! FEIEA stands for European Association for Internal Communication, whose main goal is to connect internal communication departments on a European level. In the past 60 years, FEIEA has become a key player in European internal communication departments. The ceremony took place in Paris on February 8th 2018. Anneleen Klaps, HR Coordinator at the headquarters (2nd from right), was happy to accept the certificate in FACIL’s name. Congratulations!

Ford Motor Company praises Facil for zero defects in 2016

Facil has been selected as one of ChEP 100 Best Managed Companies with outstanding Quality performance in 2016.
“Ford recognizes that Facil always complied with the perfect quality during 2016, supplying us with top quality parts.  Us at Ford, would like you to keep “Going Further” to continue providing outstanding quality results, and help us deliver best-in-class vehicles to our customers in the coming years.”

Volvo Group Purchasing Supplier Award 2016

With this award, Volvo Group recognizes a supplier for its commitment to performance excellence and continuous improvement.

The ultimate recognition of our performance by one of our most important customers, Facil won this award in the Cost Excellence category.

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Ford of Europe Supplier Diversity Award 2016

Facil was praised for making a positive difference for our global workforce by celebrating the different nationalities and individuals in a respectful and inclusive environment within the company.

facil ford

From left to right:

Andrew Bruell (Senior Purchase Manager Ford Europe), René Achten (CEO Facil), Barb J Samardzich (COO Ford Europe), Werner Puetz (VP Purchasing Ford Europe)

From left to right:

Andrew Bruell (Senior Purchase Manager Ford Europe), An Vanormelingen (VP HR Facil)



Qoros ‘Special Appreciation’ supplier award 2014

Qoros ‘Special Appreciation’ supplier award 2014

Commended Supplier Collaboration –EZGO 2013

Commended Supplier Collaboration –EZGO 2013


  • Commended Supplier Cost Management –EZGO 2010
  • Outstanding Quality Performance – Remy Mexico 2008
  • Supplier Quality Assurance Award – Case 2005
  • Supplier Performance – ThyssenKrupp Bilstein 2002
  • Outstanding Supplier – Webb Wheel Products 2000-2003
  • Masters of Quality Award Daimler Truck North America 2000 – 2006