As an independent global sourcing partner, Facil guarantees you the most cost-effective and secure sourcing − while upholding automotive quality controls.

Thinking globally, acting locally

We have over 550 Facil-approved suppliers worldwide to ensure that you always benefit from the best possible setup. Depending on your needs, we can support you globally − sourcing worldwide to find your best offer − or we can source locally to hedge currency risk or reduce supply risk.


We are where you are

As a global player − with both global and local customers − our strategy is to be as close to our customer as possible. We can supply you from one of our 17 operations worldwide, we can open up a warehouse next door, or we can install a dedicated warehouse inside your factory.

By performing Facil audits, gap analyses and follow-up audits, we develop a supply base according to your needs. And when we audit suppliers, we use the automotive standards.

Global Purchasing Power

Through our global purchasing power, we guarantee annual cost reductions for our customers in a long-term agreement.

Optimize your C-parts value chain

And we not only source and manage fasteners – Facil is the most reliable partner for all of your C-parts needs. By partnering with Facil, you immediately reduce your supplier base from X to 1.

If it fits in a box, we are the specialists to source and manage it!

You’re a supplier of fasteners or other C-parts, and you’d like to partner with Facil?

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