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Facil Advanced Services develops next-generation SMART solutions for customers requiring next-level efficiencies in their fastener value chain. Our mission is to develop new concepts and services that create a Wow effect for our customers.

We are developing future replenishment systems for our customers − using sensors of all kinds to monitor stock, continuously and remotely. With the data provided by our sensors, we go to the next level of supply optimization with our Point-of-Fit optimization modules. An example of this is our SmartRack.

Facil SmartRack

Monitor and re-order stock automatically with Facil’s SmartRack technology (patent pending). Know exactly how many parts you have at exactly what point-of-fit − for complete inventory control.

The majority of our parts are stored in conveyor racks at our customers’ assembly lines.  Replenishment of these racks is managed via Kanban cards, push buttons, scanning processes, etc. Imagine abandoning manual, operator-dependent processes that are error-prone (cards lost, too many pushes, forgot to push, wrong scanning, forgot to scan rack, …) by using a rack that tells you − at any time, at any location − how many boxes are in each lane of each rack and when replenishment is needed.




Next to developing next generation solutions in the value chain, Facil Advanced also improves already well established systems & processes, for enhanced efficiency. Some examples of these are Facil Box and Facil Skate.

Facil Box


Today, parts are usually packed in cardboard or re-usable boxes − but cardboard boxes generate waste, and re-usable boxes need to be returned and so they generate additional handling and transport. Moreover, today’s re-usable boxes cannot be nested; and on top of that, the transfer and hiring fees are significantly high.

So we wondered: can’t we develop a re-usable box that can be stacked when it’s full and nested when it’s empty? This would avoid paying to transport air when the empties are returned to the manufacturers.

At Facil, we designed the solution: the Facil Box. When full, the boxes can be stacked cross-wise, which makes the stacks extremely strong and stable. When empty, they nest perfectly, reducing the volume by 70% compared to the stacked boxes. RFID tags are provided on the handgrips on both sides of the box.

All of this results in lower handling costs for the customer.

Facil Skate

Our customers asked us to develop a simple, flexible, and cost-effective skate system that improves the First In First Out principle and cleanliness for block locations.

After benchmarking existing solutions – and some brainstorming for better alternatives – the Facil Skate process was born. Pallets are put on the skates on the input side and can be moved manually to the output side.  When unloaded on the output side for shipping, the empty skates can be returned via the parallel return rails.

After extensive testing and design improvements, the process was rolled out in all of our operations – clearly proving its added value for FIFO and cleanliness.


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